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Desktop Scanning for Dental Restoration


ESM provides the full range of 3Shape Desktop Impression and Model scanners. With a range of models suited to your laboratory size and product range, you will find a solution which meets and exceeds your business needs. As with all 3Shape products, the scanning workflow is simple, intuitive and designed with you in mind. Delivered with a range of 3Shape's DentalSystem software options, you business will enjoy the benefits this system can offer in terms of productivity, accuracy and new business opportunities.

Scanning a case is simple

Once you have created your order within 3Shape Dental Manager, the software will guide you through the scan process to achieve scans of the highest accuracy and detail level.

  • When scanning models the full model is scanned with the dies in place and then each die is scanned individually and superimposed on the original model scan. This workflow ensures maximum scan coverage of the die, margins and proximal areas. For efficient scanning of multiple dies, the D710/D810 scanners provide an indexing platform so that up to six dies can be loaded and scanned in the same scan process.
  • Impression scanning utilises 3Shape's patented Adaptive Scanning process where the scan script is dynamically adjusted to optimise the scan and ensure full capture of the impression. The user has the option to define regions where higher levels of scan detail are required thus providing optimal scan times.
Before Adaptive Scanning
The first scan result is incomplete in the preparation, proximal and contact areas, which will jeopardize fit and clinical performance.
After Adaptive Scanning
A complete and accurate scan after adaptive scanning of incomplete areas automatically applying the optimal combination of 2 cameras and 3-axis motion.
  • Scanning of Implant cases require two stages scanning, with and without the scan abutment. Scanning without the scan abutment ensures maximum coverage of the proximal areas and ensures no area is obscured. Scanning with the scan abutment ensures reliable and accurate capture of the location, inclination and rotation of the implant.
  • Scanning can be completed with or without scanning the antagonist (model or bite registration) although of course it is strongly recommended that an antagonist is scanned when the order involves the creation of full anatomical crowns.

Let's take a look at your options in some detail

3Shape Scanners
3Shape D500 3Shape D700 series scanners 3Shape D800 series scanners
3Shape's D500 series scanner is designed for small to medium-sized labs looking for an easy entry into CAD/CAM digital dentistry. These compact scanners are built on 3Shape's leading scanning technologies with a reduced range of dental indications to provide a cost-efficient CAD/CAM solution for any laboratory size and budget. 3Shape's D700 series scanners are for medium to large labs where productivity and flexibility are the key criteria. The D700 scanner series is 3Shape's user-acclaimed success, servicing thousands of labs all over the world. The D700 is a workhorse of productivity, enabling high throughput for both standard and advanced indications. The D710 additionally supports Multi-Die scanning for ultimate efficiency. 3Shape's D800 series scanners are designed for medium to large labs that demand the utmost accuracy and detail levels for even the most advanced indications. With its new and unique Texture Scanning capabilities plus 5.0 MP cameras, 3Shape's D800 series scanners wield the market's most advanced 3D scanning technologies. This is a no-limitations device, providing high productivity, extreme accuracy and the complete scope of dental indications for full-service labs that accept only the best.
  • Optimized scanning of gypsum models and impressions
  • Optimized scanning of gypsum models and impressions
  • Highly accurate scanning of gypsum models and impressions
  • Dental System™ Standard - Covers all basic dental indications.
  • Dental System™ Premium - Covers the full range of dental indications.
  • Dental System™ Premium - Covers the full range of dental indications.
  • Scan time:
    Die: 50 sec (55 sec)
    3 unit bridge: 160 sec (185 sec)
  • Fast Scan time:
    Die: 25 sec (30 sec)
    3 unit bridge: 100 sec (125 sec)
  • Fast Scan time:
    Die: 25 sec (30 sec)
    3 unit bridge: 100 sec (125 sec)
  • 2 cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixel
  • 2 cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixel
  • 2 cameras, 5.0 Mega Pixel
  • High Accuracy: 20 microns*
  • High Accuracy: 20 microns*
  • Ultra High Accuracy: 15 microns*
  • Upgradable - to Dental System™ Premium for extending the range of available indications and widening your business scope
  • Multi-Die Scanning on the D710 - for high productivity with single or multi-case processing.
  • Multi-Die Scanning on the D810 - for high productivity with single or multi-case processing.
  • Texture Scanning technology for high detail detection and capture of hand drawn design markings on the model.

And some technical specifications applicable to all models:

  • Accuracy* ensured with regular calibration using Mitytoyo® gauges
  • Dual image capture 2 x cameras, 1 x laser
  • Motion system 3-axis: rotation, linear motion and tilting
  • Interface USB connection to PC and laptop
  • Output formats STL (open standard) and DCM
  • Material color Material color independent
  • Regulatory conformity CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA registered, WEEE, UL
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 34 x 29 x 33cm (14" x 11" x 13")
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Laser Class 1 laser product

All 3Shape Desktop Scanners are provided with a high spec PC with an nVidia graphics card. The specifications of the PC may change from time to time as hardware develops and availability changes.

All 3Shape hardware is provided with a 12 month warranty. Hot-swap options and extended warranty options are available so please contact us for more details.

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