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Desktop Scanning for Orthodontics

Desktop Scanners

The 3Shape R700 Desktop scanner is fast, reliable and produces accurate and highly detailed digital models from either stone models or impressions. Orthodontists around the world are using this system in their office to generated and control their own medico-legally valid1 digital study models and free their business from the burden of stone models. ESM Partner Laboratories use the system to allow them to offer scanning services to their doctors and use powerful software tools such as OrthoAnalyzer and Appliance Designer as part of their digital production processes.

Scanning models in less than six minutes

Scanning models could not be easier; the upper model is scanned in full, then the lower. The models are then placed together in occlusion and the software then aligns the full upper scan and lower scan with the occlusion scan and that's it! The upper and lower models are saved in occlusion. The models are date stamped and the raw scan data is saved as a backup represent the original scan data. A 'Virtual Base' can be added to create an orthodontic trimmed model and the 'wax knife' tools can be used to clean up any surface defects or enhance the gingival margins. The complete scan process takes less than six minutes you can allow another minute or two to add the virtual base.


Scanning impressions takes the plaster out of study models

Because of the complex geometry of impressions, the impression does need some additional articulation during the scan process. Each impression takes about 5-6minutes but since it is all automated, you can keep with busy with other tasks. Once the impressions have been scanned, a quick scan of the bite registration is performed. This only takes a minute and an accurate bite registration will help you and the software achieve a reliable registration of the digital models on screen. Easy to use tools will help you make adjustments to the occlusion and an 'Optimise Occlusion' button ensures a realistic occlsion. Once you are done with the alignment, a virtual base can be added and you are all set!

Some questions about impression scanning answered:

"What impression materials can be scanned?" The scanner is capable scanning any impression materials eg Alginate or PVS Silcone. Once the impressions are reasonably dry with minimal surface moisture, you should get a great image on screen.

"What bite registration material can be scanned?" Any bite registration material can be scanned but the best occlusion is achieved by using a material that captures as much occlusal detail as possible, does not distort, remains rigid and is not (semi)transparent.

"What if I don't have a bite registration?" In this case, it is possible to manually articulate the impression on screen. You can select three pairs of contact points and this can be used to determine the occlusion also.

"Can any impression be scanned? What about undercuts?" As a general rule, we claim that if you can see the detail on the impression, so can the scanner. In order to capture detail, the laser needs to project a line onto the surface and either of the two cameras need to see where the laser projects onto the surface. To ensure maximum coverage, 3Shapes's patented 'Adaptive Scanning' will determine unique articulation of the impression thus optimising expose of the impression detail.

"Is the level of detail the same for an impression as it is for model?" Check out these two images below. Can you determine which is from an impression and which is from a model?


Scan from Impression


Scan from Model

Some technical specifications for the R700 Desktop Scanner

  • Scan time (Ready STL) Full model: 60 sec (75 sec)
    Patient case: less than 5 minutes in total
  • Accuracy 20 microns tested with Mitytoyo® gauges
  • Dual image capture 2 x cameras, 1 x laser
  • Motion system 3-axis: rotation, linear motion and tilting
  • Interface USB connection to PC and laptop
  • Output formats STL (open standard) and DCM
  • Material color Material color independent
  • Regulatory conformity CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA registered, WEEE, UL
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 34 x 29 x 33cm (14" x 11" x 13")
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Laser Class 1 laser product

All 3Shape Desktop Scanners are provided with a high spec PC with an nVidia graphics card. The specifications of the PC may change from time to time as hardware develops and availability changes.

All 3Shape hardware is provided with a 12 month warranty. Hot-swap options and extended warranty options are available so please contact us for more details.

1 ESM recommends that you contact your own local / regional medico-legal authority for confirmation of medico-legal regulations regarding study model records.

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