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Ancillary Modules

3Shape Orthosystem is structured in a manner which offers attractive licensing terms for users working within the 3Shape workflow from start to finish. For users wishing to expand to 3rd party solutions, additional modules are available.

3rd Party Import. This module allows for the importing of non-3Shape files into the 3Shape workflow and gives users of non-3Shape scanning technology the opportunity to take advantage of everything OrthoSystem can offer.

Note: neither 3Shape nor ESM guarantees that OrthoSystem will work seamlessly with 3rd party files as some 3rd party scanning solutions are known to produce output files with holes, layers and artefacts that can be problematic to process within OrthoSystem.

STL Output Options

3Shape OrthoSystem bundles are designed to include STL output at the value-add points of the workflow (i.e. the Laboratory) and designed without STL output and with favourable pricing terms for Offices where the need to output in STL is not required as the laboratory will be producing to the Doctor's prescription (i.e. the Doctor defines a prescription for bracket placement, send the case to the laboratory and it is here that STL files are generated for fabrications of the models / tray). The modules to create STL files are referred to as 'Model Builder'.

Study Model Builder. This module enables the output of STL files of cases that were prepared within OrthoAnalyzer.

Planning Model Builder.This module enables the output of STL files of cases from OrthoPlanner, i.e. virtual setups and subsetups.


3Shape OrthoViewer is a simple but effective standalone free viewer for viewing orthodontic study models produced using 3Shape scanners. Patient cases can be opened easily through a windows explorerâ„¢ interface or by double-clicking the case when the correct file association has been established. Models can be viewed in all standard views, in occlusion and open and simple point-to-point measurements can be performed. As an unlicensed product, it can be shared with colleagues, patients or on a system that is not attached to your network. It makes the perfect viewing tool for sharing.

Download OrthoViewer

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