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Indirect Bonding - Bracket Transfer

This module is an add-on to Appliance Designer and enables design features specific to Indirect Bonding workflow. There are three output options for this module:

Model with Brackets attached

Model with Brackets attached. A composite model file is produced with all undercuts on the brackets filled relative to the direction of attachment of the brackets to the model. This model file is ready for production and is used in the fabrication of a transfer tray using conventional techniques.

Model with Bracket Markers

Model with Bracket Markers. A model file is produced by the software with containing walls positioned on each tooth at the prescribed location of the bracket. When produced, the brackets will be inserted into each location and a transfer tray fabricated using conventional techniques.

Transfer Tray Design

Transfer Tray Design. A workflow is provided for the efficient design of a transfer tray to be produced using suitable 3D printing techniques with appropriate materials. Design features such as viewing windows are added to the tray to ensure correct seating of the tray when used.

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