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Indirect Bonding - Bracket Placement

3Shape's IDB Bracket Placement module is an add-on to OrthoPlanner and allows simple and precise placement of Orthodontic brackets on the virtual model. The output can be used for simple visualisation of treatment or for use in further processes for the fabrication of a bracket transfer tray. This module only contains bracket library information provided by bracket manufacturers under agreement ensuring the highest degree of reliability and accuracy of bracket detail and placement.

Semi-Automatic Segmentation Long Axis Adjustment According to CBCT Scan Automatic FA Point Calculation and Bracket Placement Manual Adjustment of Brackets Articulating the Occlusion Generating Prescription Optimum Placement

Segmentation process to establish distal - mesial points, long axis and margin

Confirm long axis with CBCT Scan

FA points automatically determined and brackets placed appropriately

Precise slot position information presented

Virtual articulator to open bite

Prescription information presented in table

Brackets automatically seat accurately on virtual model with zero collision

  • FA points are automatically defined by the software based on the user defined long axis, distal & mesial points from which the margin and incisal edge is determined.
  • The user has the opportunity to adjust the FA point either freely or restricted along the long axis or circumferential position.
  • The preferred library is selected and the brackets are automatically applied to the teeth. Libraries combining brackets from different systems may be defined by the user. Brackets are placed with optimal surface contact and will not be placed on the crown where it would interfere with the gingiva.
  • Bracket positions can be adjusted and the software will indicate areas where the bracket may collide with other brackets, proximal teeth or opposing teeth.
  • The completed prescription may then be used within Appliance Designer for the design and manufacture of a transfer tray or a model with brackets attached.

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