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OrthoAnalyzer is the foundation module of OrthoSystem. It is an application packed with functionality designed to allow the user to quickly retrieve and assess cases, diagnose and predict treatment outcomes. Orthodontists enjoy the integration of OrthoAnalyzer with leading practice management software products such as Orthotrac and Dolphin imaging enabling instantaneous and seamless access to Patient records at the click of a button. Laboratory technicians use OrthoAnalyzer as part of their workflow providing efficiency benefits to production processes. The ease by which analyses and diagnostics can be carried out allows laboratories to exploit new business opportunities.

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Define Occlusion and Saggital Plane Trim Models and Size / Orientate Base Completed Virtual Base Sculpting Tool to Trim Model with Plane Cut Sculpting Tools to Trim Model with User Defined Spline Cut Sculpting Tool to Add / Remove Material Sculpting Tools to Digitally Remove Brackets Measurement Tools Cross Section Saggital Cross Section AP Overjet Analysis Arch Definition Occlusion Analysis Case Comparison Superimposition Segmentation Segmented Model CBCT Integration and Alignment Standard Reports in PDF Format

Define Occlusion and Saggital Plane

Virtual Base preparation: Trim Models and size / orientate base

Completed Virtual Base

Sculpting tool to trim model with plane cut

Sculpting tools to trim model with user defined spline cut

Sculpting tool to add / remove material

Sculpting tools to digitally remove brackets

Variety of standard and customisable measurement tools

Customisable cross sectional view shows overjet, overbite and lingual contact

Cross section view used to assess crossbite and occlusal contact

Simple and accurate Overjet and Overbite measurement

Standard Analysis such as Bolton, Moyers, Tanaka & Johnston

Ideal arch definition for determination of crowding and virtual archwire

Color coded occlusal map

Comparison of pre and post treatment cases

Superimposition of pre and post treatment cases

Selection of distal-mesial points, margin creation, completed segmentation

Segmented case with and without base

CBCT Integration and alignment

Standard reports in PDF format


Digital representations of trimmed and articulated study models can be quickly and easily generated from TRIOS scans or scans from any of 3Shape's model and impression scanners using OrthoAnalyzer's Virtual Base Tool. Virtual wax knife tools allow the user to sculpt the image while artefacts and features such as brackets can be removed from the scan using the artefact removal tool. Those wishing to print models can prepare the models by cutting it to an appropriate size in order to minimise material costs and maximise build efficiency.

Measure, Analyse and Assess

OrthoAnalyzer provides a range of measurement and analysis options to enable you to quickly and accurately gather key information about your patient case to help with your assessment. Whether you require a single point to point measurement or a complex customised assessment, you will find that OrthoAnalyzer has the tools to help you.

  • Measurements are simple and accurate and there are many options to choose from: 2D and 3D point-to-point, point-to-plane, point-to-line measurement. Splines can be drawn and measured for the determination of arch perimeter length. All measurements can be annotated and presented in a tabular format for reporting.
  • Tooth width and long axis position and direction are easily defined by the user during the segmentation process for use in the standard analyses tools.
  • Standard Analyses include Bolton Analysis, Tooth width tables along with Moyers and Tanaka & Johnston space prediction. Accurate tooth width measurements are made during arch preparation and each analysis is automatically generated without the need for further user involvement.
  • Customised analyses and measurement collections can be imported allowing for the use of customised collections of landmarks, measurements, calculations and cross references to standard tables. Customised questionnaires may be imported which allows for the presentation of measurement analysis and the inclusion of subjective assessments. Examples of how this feature has been used are PAR scoring, ABO Discrepancy Index etc. OrthoPlanner is required to all the user to create of edit customised measurement collections, analyses and questionnaires.
  • Occlusion Analysis provides a colour coded map where each colour represents the distance between a point on the surface of the tooth and the closest point on the opposing arch. A great visual tool to assess occlusion and interference between the upper and lower incisors.
  • Overjet and Overbite can be accurately measured by selecting the appropriate landmarks on the upper and lower incisors. Measurements can be made and saved for each of the anterior teeth pairs.
  • Superimposition of cases is possible using a number of different techniques. Discrete landmarks and/or a selected area of the model can be used to superimpose cases at various time points. A colour coded map illustrating differences between the cases can be produced and all measurements and cross sectional views can be used to gain further insight into the cases.
  • 2D Images can be imported and superimposed on the 2D Cross Section (e.g. patient photo, lateral radiograph).
  • CBCT scans can be imported and superimposed with the 3D scan for a full three dimensional assessment of the patient.
  • Customised Reports templates can be imported which can include any information generated within OrthoAnalyzer and can be printed or saved in PDF format. Data included in the report can be exported into formats suitable for 3rd software such as Microsoft excel™. OrthoPlanner is required to allow the user to create or edit customised report formats.

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