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3Shape ScanItDental is developed exclusively for use with 3Shape desktop scanners for scanning models and impressions. Working from the same database, scans captured using ScanItDental are instantly available across all 3Shape OrthoSystem Applications.

3Shape desktop scanners are renowned for speed, accuracy and image detail and a comprehensive overview is available in our Scanners section.

ScanItDental offers users focused on orthodontic applications simple and concise workflows for everyday model and impression scanning.

Model Scanning

Model Scanning

Models are scanned individually and again in occlusion. The software automatically aligns the full upper and lower arch scans with the occlusion scan to create an accurate digital replica of occlusion of the models as scanned. If required, the models can be scanned with a bite registration in place particularly useful if scanning CR or AOB.

Alternative methods of defining the occlusion is by scanning mounted models or presetting the model alignment on 3Shape's Occlusion Setup tool. In the case of scanning mounted models, the articulator is calibrated so that any errors within the physical articulator are transferred to the virtual environment so that the virtual articulation is exactly the same as the physical. In the case of using the occlusion set up tool, the models are pre-set in occlusion on calibrated plates so when the two models are scanned, the software can automatically identify the occlusion. (note this functionality is available on all desktop scanners except for the R500). The scan time for a complete set of models, with occlusion preset is less that 2 minutes for the R2000.

Impression Scanning

Impression Scanning

Impressions are scanned individually and the bite registration is scanned to assist in the definition of the occlusion. 3Shape's unique adaptive scanning process ensures maximum scan coverage. The complete scan time for a single impression using the R1000/R2000 is approximately 90 sec.

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