3D Printing Provisional Restorations with Dr Rory Boyd and Formlabs, May 20th 5PM


Join ESM Customer Dr Rory Boyd as he shares his experiences with Formlabs Temporary CB Material

Temporary restorations are one of the most important clinical tools used in dentistry to restore the function, integrity and morphology of a missing tooth before the permanent restorations are done. Manufacturing these requires high quality manual skills, optimal mechanical properties of the material and a perfect fit and adjustment of the occlusal surface.

Join this webinar on Thursday May 20th at 5PM IST/BST, as ESM customer Dr. Rory Boyd will be presenting his clinical workflow from scanning to printing. He’ll also share three clinical cases he restored using Formlabs Temporary CB Resin and in-house 3D printing. He’ll then be joined by Dr Elisa Praderi, Formlabs Clinical Protocols and KOL Manager, in a live Q&A.

If for any reason you cannot make it to the live event, please sign up via the link below and we’ll share the recording after.

Dr Rory Boyd

Specialist Prosthodontist, The Belfield Clinic

Dr Rory Boyd completed undergraduate dental degree at Trinity College Dublin. After having worked in both practice and hospital based dental dentistry, Dr Boyd completed a doctorate of clinical dentistry in prosthodontics in Dublin Dental University Hospital. During this time Dr Boyd completed an externship at the Jerry Weintraub Centre for Reconstructive Biotechnology (UCLA Prosthodontics Department). Following completion of his specialist training in prosthodontics Dr Boyd had the privilege of taking over the longstanding prosthodontic practice in Dublin and also completed his fellowship examinations to the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. Dr Boyd became the past President of the Irish Dental Association Metropolitan branch and currently sits on the Irish Dental Association committee. Dr Boyd has presented at both international and domestic conferences, and is committed to routinely providing further training for the profession.


Dr Elisa Praderi

Clinical Protocols & KoL Manager, Formlabs

Dr. Elisa Praderi is a trained dentist who graduated from Universidad Católica del Uruguay in 2017. She conducted a research study in the area of esthetic dentistry which she presented in the 96th General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research as a Unilever Hatton Award Competitor. She has worked at the University’s emergency service and in private dental practice for the last 3 years. Elisa has always been interested in dental materials, clinical workflows and technology integration in the daily practice. These components were the triggers that made her pursue a professional career in 3D printing and join Formlabs in 2019 as the Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager.