3Shape TRIOS just got better

The award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner and its supporting software have gotten significant updates. Besides improvements to functionality in the scanner, there are now specific scan workflows for dentures and many more exciting enhancements.

Wired and wireless in one

In terms of the 3Shape TRIOS 4, the IO scanner now comes with a smart cord so you can plug in the wireless scanner if you are concerned with your battery running low.

2-in-1 simultaneous scanning

TRIOS 4 now also includes 2-in-1 simultaneous scanning. So, when you take a 3D color scan, you can, at the same time, use the fluorescent light scan to detect bacteria concentration and surface caries*.

Scan colors in all TRIOS models have now also been sharpened for improved analysis.

Major improvement to the scanning workflow for dentures

There are now three scan options for scanning denture patients so you can choose the scan type most relevant to your specific case.

When you choose the denture workflow, you now have the option to:

  • Intraoral scan the patient
  • Scan the actual denture (using copy denture workflow)
  • Scan the analog impression of the edentulous patient

Easier to scan for edentulous case

In addition, the workflow for edentulous “bite scanning,” whether it is 3D bite plates, wax rim or more, has been made easier too. There is now an option to choose from “Centric tray bite scanning” and “the normal bite scanning” in the Denture workflow.

Better usability

When you scan with TRIOS now, you will experience a more visual approach that can help improve your scanning. Tutorials provide step-by-step guides and “hints” will highlight features to improve your workflow.

Lastly, as an option when exporting your scan, you can choose PLY exports to send a combined 3D format that includes color (STL files do not include color or texture).

For tutorials, you can also check out the TRIOS scanning workflow playlist from the 3Shape Academy.

Labs can now personalize the TRIOS Order Form

Labs can now customize the TRIOS order form to only show and promote the services and materials your lab provides. Using the order form “Editor” you can now easily personalize the form and upload it to 3Shape Communic