3Shape TRIOS – Understanding Post Processing

Post-Processing is a process whereby a finalised image is generated from the raw data or ‘streams’ captured during scanning.

The stream data is temporary, has a degree of roughness about its quality and is quite large in size (500-1,000MB). The finalised image is optimised, has sharper detail and is much smaller in size (less than 10MB per arch). It is the finalised image that is kept long term and used as a record, for further analysis (i.e. Patient Monitoring), sent to the lab or used in other 3Shape software. Finalised or Post Processed scans can be exported in PLY or STL format for use in 3rd party software.

This article aims to answer some common questions about post-processing. One important consideration to note is that if a scan is not post processed so please make sure you fully understand what post-processing is and why it is so important

When does post-processing happen?

Post-Processing happens automatically as part of the ‘send process’. It also happens if the scan is being used for another function such as patient monitoring, treatment simulator, implant studio, trios design studio or splint studio are being used.

The user can choose to process the scan using the option to do so in the analyse page.

If a scan is not processed the user may be prompted to process the scan when returning to the patient database without having sent the case.

What happens if a scan is not processed?

The stream data will be deleted after 90 days and no scan data will be retained.

Do I need to keep the stream data?

The stream data is only relevant after a scan is completed if there is a requirement to amend the scan at a future point – i.e. a scan is captured at consultation and then is to be amended at time of surgery.

How long is the stream data stored for?

If a scan has been processed, the stream data is kept for 45 days.

If the scan has not been processed, the stream data will be kept for 90 days.

What if I need to keep the stream data for longer?

The stream data can be protected by selecting the ‘Protect from clean up’ option. This will keep the stream data until the hard drive comes close to being full, at which point it will delete older stream data.

Will the finalised scans be deleted?

No – these files will never be deleted by the software.

How do I know if my scans have been Post-Processed?

If a scan has been sent, it will be post processed. The quickest way to find out if unsent scans have been post processed is to review cases and filter ‘unsent’ cases. Click through each one and note if the analyze page has a green check mark on it. If there is a check mark, the case has been post processed.

If there is not a green check mark, the scan has not been post-processed. Click on the Analyse Page icon and select the option to post-process the scan.

Ensuring that all scans are post-processed is important to ensure that all scans are retained indefinitely. If a case has not been pos-processed, and the streams are no longer available it will not be possible to retrieve the scans at a future date. At ESM, we strongly advise all customers at all times to ensure that cases are either sent or post processed, ALWAYS. Should you have any questions about the content of this article, please reach out to our support team at support@esmdigitalsolutions.com