Asiga Max Pro & 4K Printers

Delivering reliability and precision for the digital dental laboratory with validated access to the widest range of market leading materials. A truly open system.

Asiga MAX / MAX UV – Small Footprint, Big Attitude

The Asiga MAX is possibly the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. The MAX Build speeds of up to 60mm/hr along with a resolution of 62micron and Asiga’s unique Smart Positioning System (SPS) technology helps to ensure reliable printing every time.

PRO 4K - 3D printing reimagined

Robust engineering, beautifully delivered. The PRO 4K combines the latest 4K imaging technology with Asiga’s well proven Smart Positioning System (SPS™) to produce a build volume 3x larger than our desktop 3D printers. Precision, reliability, speed and an Open Material System all come as standard to provide production continuity for the most demanding digital manufacturing environments.

One Printer, All Dental Indications

Asiga printers offer the combination of speed and precision delivering a solution that is ideal for all dental indications.

Comprehensive Range of Materials.

A printer is only as good as the materials it can print with and Asiga printers can print the widest range of 3rd Party materials from some of the world leading dental materials companies. Accessing the specific print parameters for validated materials is via the Asiga ini file and library system. A full and up to date list of materials is available via the Asiga website.

SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

The four high sensitivity proximity sensors detect any movement of the print resin within the resin tray. As the build platform retracts, the previously displaced resin will return to the print area and only when the movement of resin has stopped, will the build platform move down, again displacing resin. The movement of this displaced resin will be monitored by the sensors and when this has settled, only then will the projector expose the resin to the required UV pattern for that layer. The process continues for each layer. This unique approach developed by Asiga ensures consistency and this results in an incredibly accurate print.

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