3Shape Clinic and Studio Apps

3Shape Clinic and Studio Apps bring control into the hands of the Clinician with the freedom to produce in-house or outsource to a preferred production partner. Sitting within the TRIOS Dental Desktop platform, 3Shape Clinic and Studio Apps offer an extensive range of seamless workflows to assist with the planning and delivery of treatment.

TRIOS Clinic Apps

This suite of Apps empowers the clinician to take control of diagnostics and planning immediately after a scan has been taken using TRIOS. Whether it is for clear aligner treatment or for implant placement, the confirmed plan defined can then be shared with the chosen laboratory or manufacturing partner via 3Shape Communicate.

TRIOS Studio Apps

Built on TRIOS Clinic Apps, TRIOS Studio Apps bring the added benefit of being able to produce in-house by taking advantage of a wide range of openly available 3D printing and Milling options. In-house production offers even more control to the Clinician as well as faster turnaround time and great profitability.

Implant Planner Clinic App

Guided surgery with 3Shape Implant Planner gives the Clinician control and provides an easier and accessible workflow for either outsourced guide fabrication with an enabled 3Shape laboratory or inhouse guide fabrication with 3Shape Implant Studio.

Restorative driven implant planning for single or multiple teeth on tooth, tissue or bone supported guides is easily achieved in a seamless workflow. 

Implant planner sits in TRIOS Dental Desktop software providing a fluid and intuitive workflow.

Automated scan and CBCT alignment, Bone Density guides, clear visualisations and a comprehensive validated library of original implant and sleeve components makes accurate and reliable planning simple and effective. 

Implant placements as determined by the Clinician upon validation are sent via 3Shape Communicate to the chosen lab for final guide design and fabrication. Upon request, the lab can make a provisional crown or custom healing abutment for fitting immediately after placement.

Clinicians opting for a full in-house workflow may choose 3Shape Implant Studio App for full guide design and crown export capability.

Orthodontic Planner Clinic App

Orthodontists require the ability to routinely access and review study model records as part of treatment diagnosis, planning and monitoring. The 3Shape TRIOS Orthodontic Planner Clinic App provides a range of intuitive and easy to use functionalities to enable Orthodontists to prepare digital study models from their TRIOS scans, measure, plan and much more. 

TRIOS Scans can be easily based to create Digital Study Models and quickly retrieved for routine assessment. Treatment needs can be determined by using a range of measurement tools with several built-in analysis functions such as PAR, Bolton, IOTN and Space Analysis. More thorough assessment can be provided by integrating CBCT scans onto the surface scan to assess bone density and root positions.

Advanced treatment diagnosis and planning can be delivered using advanced features such as Virtual Setups for quickly presenting treatment options such as traditional ‘Kesling’ setups. Occlusal interferences can be assessed by utilising Virtual Articulators and the defined treatment plan shared with a 3Shape enabled lab to assist with the provision of appliances or clear aligners in order to meet the planned treatment outcome. 

Software tools such as Model Set Compare allows for the comparison of multiple cases enabling the clinician to monitor changes before, during and after treatment as well as making comparisons with the actual outcome and the digitally planned outcome. 

Implant Studio App

Take ownership of Implant Planning and guide fabrication with the complete in-house workflow delivered by 3Shape Implant Studio. Building on all of the planning capabilities of Implant Planner, Implant Studio includes the ability to design guide and export for in-house printing.

Provisional screw retained crowns and healing abutments can be designed with custom emergence profiles to allow the tissues to heal exactly as required by the clinician. 

Workflows for the planning and design of guides for single and multiple unit implant locations supported on teeth, on tissue and on bone are supported.

Parameters for specific material, printer and user preferences are stored for consistent and reliable results. 

Finalising the guide design is simple and additional features such as strengthening bars, ID tags and seating windows allow the user to deliver a guide that will deliver optimal reliability in placement. 

The truly open in-house guide design and fabrication offered by 3Shape Implant Studio is completed with complementary products such as ELOS Hybrid Bases and the Formlabs Form3B Printer.

Clear Aligner Studio

Clear Aligner treatment is increasing in popularity amongst clinicians and patients alike for the simplicity and control this treatment offers. 3Shape Clear Aligner Studio simplifies the process of defining, planning and delivering the treatment in a manner that can be enjoyed by clinicians in their own clinic offering maximum control and efficiency

On completion of a scan, the treatment proposal is easily defined and the software will help the clinician plan in a manner that is achievable. Once the ideal outcome is defined and agreed with the patient, the overall movements are automatically broken into incremental stages using parameters defined by the user.

Movements are automatically optimised and the clinician has the freedom to control the manner in which teeth move to avoid interference during movement and create space as required particularly when opening up excessively crowded areas. Attachment shape and application criteria can be defined by the user and Clear Aligner Studio will automatically place attachments for incorporation during the treatment delivery.

Upon completion, individual model files are created for each stage of movement and exported ready for printing. The patient name or ID can be incorporated into the file along with a reference to identify the order in which clear aligner is to be used by the patient. A report is also generated which is used by the clinician to identify at which point during the treatment any attachments should be applied and when IPR should be carried out. Formlabs 3D printers are widely used by clinicians embracing inhouse clear aligner workflow.

Indirect Bonding Studio App

Being very direct about it, 3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio is a solution that enables Clinicians to deliver precise bracket placement leading to predictable and efficient treatment.

Automated workflows guide the user through segmentation and landmark definition leading to automatic FA point identification. A comprehensive library of brackets and wires provided by leading bracket manufacturers automatically populates the arch to the Clinician’s prescription.

A live simulation of the outcome is presented for the prescribed wire and bracket combination. The proposed result is adjusted either by adjusting the bracket position or by adjusting the tooth position in which case the bracket position to achieve this will then be automatically adjusted.

The preferred method of fabricating the transfer tray is chosen by the user and designed by the software. Options include direct printing of the tray in a suitable material, printing of a model with brackets in place for conventional tray fabrication or submit treatment plan to a preferred 3Shape enabled lab for outsourced tray fabrication. Find out more about in-house printing with Formlabs Form3B and the new IBT

3Shape Indirect Bonding Studio is built on a library of brackets and wire in conjunction with original manufacturers. The software includes libraries for over 600 systems from leading bracket manufacturers which are rigorously validated and updated automatically and directly via the software. 

Splint Studio App

Designing effective splints, nightguards and other similar appliances is simple and extremely quick with 3Shape Splint Studio.

Automated workflows and user defined preferences allow for fast and efficient design. 

Anterior ramps are automatically created to the user preferences with material thicknesses adjusted easily.

Reliable virtual articulators are used to automatically contour the working surface and highlight areas of reduced thickness to ensure a robust end product.

In house splint production can make splints more affordable to patients leading to increased uptake and enhanced treatment provision. production.

Find out more about Formlabs 3D printers and Dental LT material, perfect for printing splints in-house.

TRIOS Design Studio

Chairside milling is taken to a new level with the truly open and truly optimised workflow delivered by 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio. Single unit crowns, onlays, inlays veneers, small span bridges and screw retained crowns can all be designed and milled chairside bringing cost and time benefits along with treatment efficiency to your practice and your patients.

On completion of a scan with TRIOS®, the processed image is instantly available for margin definition. 

Automatically defined margins are adjusted by the user and HD Photos captured during the scan are used to assist in margin definition.  

On definition of the insertion path, any undercuts are identified giving the clinician the option to adjust the prep if required.   

3Shape AI auto crown design delivers a realistic crown suggestion, sympathetic to the adjacent teeth. Alternatively, a comprehensive tooth library may be used or a pre-prep scan can be used to create the tooth anatomy. 

Multiple, easy to use software tools facilitate efficient tooth design. 

Proximal contacts are easily defined by the user by selecting the area of contact and the amount of contact preferred. 

Occlusal surfaces are automatically contoured to eliminate collisions detected on the proposed crown design when using the virtual articulator or Patient Specific Motion captured with TRIOS®.

The final crown is ready for seamless nesting and milling with a 3Shape Trust Partner milling solution within the TRIOS Design Studio workflow or by direct STL export. 

The truly open in-house chairside milling workflow offered by 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is completed with complementary products such as ELOS Hybrid Bases and the Roland DG Shape DWX-42W and DWX-4 Milling machines.


A Truly Open Ecosystem

Comprehensive and unrestricted workflows are made possible only by having a truly open ecosystem. From the outset, 3Shape solutions have always had the option to work in a truly open manner and continues to remain one of the most open solution on the market.

All 3Shape Clinic and Studio Apps are optimised for seamless integration within the TRIOS Dental Desktop Platform and offer the option of importing STL files when scans originate from 3rd party scanners. All apps are available to non-TRIOS users as ‘Stand Alone’ Apps.

3Shape Clinic and Studio apps, where relevant offer STL file export for exporting scans and designs for production on local printing or milling machines or can be shared with external providers for outsourced manufacture.

A truly open ecosystem can only be achieved by mutual integrations. 3Shape is regarded by the global dental community as being a reliable and open provider of CAD/CAM solutions resulting in 3Shape technology being at the core of a worldwide dental CAD/CAM ecosystem. All 3Shape Clinic and Studio apps include, where relevant, an extensive library of implant components, orthodontic brackets and wires and material settings ensuring the highest level of accuracy and compatibility.

Seamless Integration with 3Shape TRIOS®

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