3Shape Dental System — Functionality and Efficiency Always

Since 2005, 3Shape Dental System laboratory software has been pushing boundaries and raising the bar higher and higher in terms of functionality, ease of use and range of indications. Together with 3Shape desktop scanners, laboratory technicians can enjoy seamless workflows offering increased productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Dental System Tools and Functionality

Dental System is packed full of tools to make designing easy, efficient, and effective. Every indication imaginable is available through a suite of modules all using the same tools and features to make the learning and adaptation phase fast and simple.

3Shape Dental System Design Tools

Artificial Intelligence coupled with an extensive collection of over 100 tooth libraries including those designed by world renowned technicians makes designing incredibly smiles incredibly easy every time.

Occlusal surfaces may be contoured by static occlusion, virtual articulation or using TRIOS® Patient Specific Motion to accurately reproduce the patient’s masticatory motion.

Ground breaking innovations coupled with simple and intuitive design tools empowers technicians to increase productivity and efficiency while still delivering restorations to the highest standard.

Realistic Outcomes with 3Shape Smile Design

Create photo-realistic simulations of a smile makeover within minutes with Smile Design for presentation to the dentist and patient. This simple and cost effective approach will enhance the patient experience and simplify the treatment discussion.

This 2D proposal can be taken into the 3D environment within Dental System from which a digital diagnostic waxup can be produced to present a real and achievable outcome. 

Crown & Bridge Indications

Dental System comprises workflows and design capabilities for a wide range of Crown and Bridge indications to give technicians the design freedom to deliver high aesthetics with perfect fit every time. 

From single copings to full arch anatomical bridges, workflows are optimised for every Crown and Bridge indication imaginable.

3Shape Abutment Designer

Implant supported crowns are designed with ease using 3Shape Abutment Designer Software. A full range of custom abutment design options can be chosen including fully customised, cement retained, screw retained, one-piece or two-piece, monolithic, framework or cutback. The choice and design freedom offered by straight or angulated screw access allows technicians and dentists to explore options and select a solution that perfectly suits the treatment needs. 

3Shape Implant Bar and Bridge Designer

Implant supported protheses are designed with ease with 3Shape Implant Bar and Bridge Designer.  An extensive range of bar designs are possible such as primary, Hader, Hybrid as well as full anatomical, cutback and thimble bridges. 

3Shape Removable Partial Dentures

3Shape Dental System enables you to start your RPD digital workflow with virtual teeth allowing you to create better frameworks by placing virtual crowns to guide your frame design. A change in the workflow that helps to optimize stability, improve aesthetics, and is simply, not possible in the analog workflow. 

3Shape Full Denture Design Software

The demand for digital dentures is on the rise in recent years and 3Shape has been leading the field in terms of software functionality. Denture designs can be created from impression scans, model scans or TRIOS intra oral scans and the methods of fabrication as growing at an incredible pace. Users can choose from designing a base to use with stock teeth, design a custom base and custom teeth or design a full denture of base and teeth. Printing and milling techniques are evolving at a rapid pace and 3Shape is developing software solutions and integrations to allow users to maximise what the market is offering. 

3Shape Model Builder

Cases involving impression scans or intra-oral scans often require a physical model to be produced as part of the process for confirming fit and contact. 3Shape Model Builder enables the technician to design a model with the same control, and more, available to quickly and reliably produce an output, optimised for the printer, mill or service provider of choice. Features of 3Shape Model Builder include:

Accessible software to suit your needs

3Shape Dental System is offered in a variety of ways designed to help technicians access all functionalities in a manner that suits their business.

Understanding Each Package

Owners of Dental System Premium can access the add-on modules using 3Shape CAD Points. This offers a very attractive solution for labs that only occasionally need access to the more advanced modules. It enables users to try before you buy and demonstrate the suitability of a module for their business. 

Dental System is configured in several bundle offerings that are designed to be used and embraced by labs that specialise in specific areas of dentistry. The Dental System bundles available are:

Dental System Premium includes all basic and advanced crown and bridge indications as well as Splint Designer and Smile Design. Advanced options such as Abutment Designer, Implant Bar and Bridge, Partial Dentures, Full Dentures and Model Builder are all available as add-on modules.

Owners of Dental System Premium can access the add-on modules using 3Shape CAD Points. This offers a very attractive solution for labs that only occasionally need access to the more advanced modules. It enables users to try before you buy and demonstrate the suitability of a module for their business. 


A Truly Open Ecosystem

Comprehensive and unrestricted workflows are made possible only by having a truly open ecosystem. From the outset, 3Shape solutions have always had the option to work in a truly open manner and continues to remain one of the most open solution on the market. File transfer outside of the 3Shape ecosystem is provided by either utilising industry standard file formats such as STL or PLY or through the 3Shape Trusted Partnership program. 

Implant providers work closely with 3Shape to ensure their products and components are available for use through all relevant 3Shape software applications. 

3Shape work closely with 3D Printer and Milling Machine manufacturers to ensure seamless integrations and that their specific parameters are incorporated in the design stage giving the design technician the confidence that their design efforts will be rewarded with a perfect result. 

3rd Party service providers such as milling centres aim to deliver the highest level of quality in their work and acknowledge that this can only be achieved through accurate scanning and design processes. The design technician has the freedom to select their preferred service from within Dental System and all of the manufacturer specific parameters will be incorporated through the full workflow.

Grow and Expand your Business

3Shape Dental System is just part of a suite of software options available to Dental Laboratories. Expand your offerings and grow your business with additional services such as Clear Aligners with 3Shape Ortho System and Surgical Guides with 3Shape Implant Studio.

3Shape Ortho Systems

For the past decade, Orthodontic Labs around the world have utilised 3Shape Ortho System software to implement digital workflows and grow to into the digital laboratories that they are today. Orthodontic labs have a range of digital requirements from scanning through to receiving intra-oral scans for prepping and printing.

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3Shape Impant Studio

Guided surgery with 3Shape Implant Planner gives the Clinician control and provides an easier and accessible workflow for either outsourced guide fabrication with an enabled 3Shape laboratory or inhouse guide fabrication with 3Shape Implant Studio.

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Seamless Integration with 3Shape Scanners

3Shape Dental System software is bundled with 3Shape Desktop Scanners and is available as a standalone package for use with 3Shape TRIOS, 3rd party scanners or. Learn more about the range of 3Shape Desktop Scanners and access seamless and optimised workflows.

3Shape TRIOS®

A truly open system delivered by a truly open partner In a market that is seeing new products being introduced at a regular pace, 3Shape TRIOS continues to be seen as the go-to product by many dental professionals the world over. The gap between systems regarding speed and accuracy is not such a chasm anymore yet TRIOS still stands out.

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3Shape Desktop Scanners

3Shape’s range of desktop laboratory scanners deliver impression and model scanning at a speed and accuracy that works for your productivity and budget needs. The E1 scanner offers a powerful entry level option for Crown and Bridge labs starting off on their digital journey with the E4 being the scanner of choice for labs that demand a powerhouse of productivity.

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