Webinar – Digital Models in the Dental Lab


Digital Models in the Dental Lab

Join Formlabs Beta Testers for a Roundtable Discussion About Digital Dental Models

In 2022, more dental cases than ever will start with a digital impression. Dental laboratories that bring digital models in-house stand to save time, save money, and out-compete labs that still rely on milling centers. But even labs that are already seeing the competitive benefits to in-house 3D printing might worry that they are using systems that are old, outdated, or just too expensive to own and operate.

On Wednesday, January 19, at 12pm EST/18:00 CET, join Stephan Kreimer, Lonni J Thompson CDT, and Dr. Alan Jurim for a roundtable discussion about the benefits of 3D printing models, their experience beta-testing the newest Model Resin from Formlabs, and how Formlabs is making in-house digital models possible for laboratories of any size.

What you will learn:
  • How 3D printing models in-house saves time and money
  • The latest advancements in materials science for digital fabrication
  • How to choose a 3D printing system for digital models