Treatment Review Portal – Guide for Labs & Clinics

3Shape’s Treatment Review Portal enables a seamless collaboration between the clinic and lab throughout the treatment planning process.

Clinicians are able to review a detailed overview of movements, attachments and IPR and can request changes in the treatment plan if needed.

Treatment Review Portal can be used by any of the following:

Clinicians & Labs must be connected via 3shape Communicate

If you are already a 3Shape user, you will most likely have a 3shape communicate account.

If you don’t use 3Shape Communicate and use a non 3Shape scanner or plan to send your lab impressions/stone models, click on the link here to watch a video on how to create an account. This is free and simple to do.

To create a 3Shape Communicate account, click here.  When you create your account, you can add your Clear Aligner lab choice in the connections tab at the top of the web page.

3shape Trios Users - How to create a case for TRP

In the video link here you will see how to create a prescription for a clear aligner case in the Trios software.

Please note, it is important if you want to use TRP, you need to choose “clear aligner” under Orthodontics and not “scan only”.

The Clinic will need to scan and send the case to the lab.

When the scan has been sent to the lab, the Clinician needs to log into their communicate portal, click on the TRP tab and their case will show up there.

When you click on the patient, a prescription will show up where you can add in extra information on the patient. This will help the lab get started with their treatment proposal.

When you finish adding details you can send it, this information will be added to the case in the lab.

**Note for Labs:

When a case is sent from a Trios as a Clear Aligner, you can download it before the prescription above is created. When the clinician sends the prescription through the portal, you will receive the case again in the communicate tab in ortho system.

Accept this case and it will edit it to show the TRP button at the end.

Non-Trios Users (STL files/ Stone Models) - How to create a case for TRP

In the video link here you will see how to create a prescription for a clear aligner case if you do not have a Trios IOS.

There is a slightly different process for non-Trios users.

Clinicians must:

– create a patient in the TRP tab in communicate

– add and send the prescription through the portal to the lab

– send over their STL files or impressions/models via email/drop box etc or post.

When the lab checks their communicate inbox in Orthosystem, they will see the case there. There will be no preview as there will be no models in the case. The lab needs to accept the case and then import the STL files or scan the models/impressions.

When the scans are imported the lab can then start the treatment planning and send the case back to the clinic for review.

What to do when the treatment plan is complete

When the lab has done their treatment plan, they need to send it back to the clinician for review.
The “send for review” button is on the final page of the CAS workflow in Ortho System.

When the clinician receives the case back, they can review it in the treatment review tab in the communicate portal. You will find a 3D view of both models where you can open the bite to see the different views. You can see a table of movement, IPR and attachments. There is also a time line and animation of the movements.

If the clinician is happy with the treatment plan, they can approve the case. If they would like changes they can use the request changes button and add their request.

This process can be repeated until the treatment plan is what the clinician wants.

All reviews are saved with review notes on the TRP page for the patient so they can be referred to during treatment.

See screen shot below of what the clinician will see.

Once the clinician approves the case, the lab can export the model sets, print the models, and make the aligners.