Truly Open Digital Implant Workflows with ELOS Accurate

Elos Medtech have a strong history in dental implant component manufacture having worked with Per-Ingvar Branemark to develop the very first modern dental implants in the 1960’s. Since then, Elos have continued to build strong relationships with leading implant manufacturers and in parallel have also developed their own range of Elos Accurate compatible implant components. 

A digital implant workflow can only be truly open if the dentist and technician are free to choose each element of the final solution that they feel is best for the given treatment proposal. The Elos Accurate range of components not only includes the physical components but also the libraries to give the technician full design control. 

Trusted Compatibility with Leading Brands

Elos Accurate Components are compatible with a wide range of implant systems and in many cases, implant manufacturers and milling centres prescribe Elos components as being their preferred option to facilitate integrating the dentist’s digital workflow with their own. 

An example of this is that milling service providers such as Atlantis and Createch will accept scans utilising Elos Scan bodies. This simple consideration means that the dentist can complete a scan with an Elos Accurate Scan Body and later decide in conjunction with his Lab technician which is the best course to follow with regards to the restoration design. 

Product Guarantee

Elos believe in the quality of their product and the processes that go into its design and manufacture. With this belief comes confidence and to demonstrate this, Elos offer a similar Guarantee to that offered by implant manufacturers when using their own components. 

Elos Accurate Product Overview

Elos components are available for a wide range of popular implant systems and are available to order directly from ESM Digital Solutions. 

Scan Bodies

Elos Scan Bodies are built with a titanium framework to ensure durability and a PEEK outer sleeve to deliver an optimal scanning surface perfect for use with both desktop and Intra-Oral Scanners. Elos Scan Bodies are reusable and can be Autoclaved up to 100 times.


Printed Model Analogs (PMA)

When a physical model is required from an Intra-Oral scan, a robust and reliable model analog is required. Elos PMAs are designed to deliver a solid, reliable and stable fit in 3D printed models. Insertion is achieved by using the PMA insertion tool and additional retention is achieved by utilising a reusable screw.

Hybrid Base (Engaging)

Elos Hybrid Bases are a perfect solution for controlling your inhouse implant restoration manufacture. Key features include a gold plated surface and helical grooves aid retention and minimise cement flashing. The base is never wider than the fixture offering unimpeded emergence design freedom to the technician. Indexing is achieved internally to eliminate the risk of chipping due to a thin surface at the base. Angulation of up to 28O is also possible when using Hexalobular Screws.


Hybrid Base (Non-Engaging)

Elos Hybrid Bases are a perfect solution for controlling your inhouse implant supported bridge manufacture. Key features include gold plated surface and helical grooves aid retention and minimise cement flashing. 

Elos Guide Grips are incorporated into the design to allow for handling of the assembly before final cementation and the U-shaped cut-out can be rotated to the correct position to facilitate angulated screw access of up to 28O when used with Elos Hexalobular Screws. The tapered sides accommodate implant angular deviation of up to 15O. 

CAD/CAM Libraries

The implant component library is the final jigsaw piece in a truly open digital implant workflow. Elos have prepared and validated libraries for the following leading CAD/CAM software companies; 3Shape, EXOCAD and Dental Wings giving dentists and technicians the freedom to own the design and manufacture process.

AShley Byrne 1
“Elos scan bodies and digital model replicas have been our go to digital implant impression system for many years. Despite trying various other systems we have found Elos the most reliable, easy to use system that delivers consistently reliable results. The scan bodies scan easily and on every occasion both intra Orally and in lab scanners. We also find their high quality and durability means they stay accurate for longer periods of time than competitor systems. Elos remains the system we recommended to all our clients.”
Ashley Byrne
Managing Director Byrnes Dental Laboratory, Oxford, UK.
“The reason we encourage our surgeons to scan with Elos is that we are assured that from point of acquisition we will have numerous quality assured workflows open to us to ensure we can deliver excellent restorative solutions to our surgeons. Elos is the most widely supported system we see with Straumann (through Createch) Dentsply Sirona, Nobel and many more using Elos as their implant reference. For the last 3 years we have seen quality and consistency in our implant restorations that are acquired intra orally using the Elos system. So much so that we have recently started to purchase scanflags for our surgeons and replacing their kits FOC as we appreciate the quality assurance, restorative options, and increased productivity this brings to the lab. They will be a sound investment in my teams workflow if our surgeons use Elos.”
Steven Campbell
Managing Director, Nexus Dental Laboratory, Harrogate, UK


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