3D Printing with Formlabs – A Natural Next Step

We have carefully watched the 3D printing market and evaluated the various options available to clinicians and laboratories. Our criteria for selection has always been simple: impressive accuracy, reliable performance, suitability for a range of dental applications and a price point to make 3D printing affordable for everyone. We are proud to present the Formlabs Form3 and Form3B printers, a natural next step for clinicians and labs owners embracing digital workflows.


A third generation family of printers with a polished performance, the Form3 and Form3B produce accurate and detailed prints perfect for the dental clinic or laboratory. The capability of the Form3B to print with biocompatible materials of opens up a whole new range of applications from splints and surgical guides to provisional crowns and dentures. 

Delivering a balance between detail and speed

Formlabs 3D printers utilise SLA technology facilitating incredible detail at 50 micron layer thickness and where faster turnaround is required, certain resin options can allow a great layer thickness offering faster build times with minimal compromise in model detail.

Scalability offers more than just capacity

For many, a Formlabs 3D printer has been their first step into 3D printing. Many users now have increased their printing capacity by incorporating multiple printers. Not only does this offer increased capacity, it offers a backup option by not relying on just one larger machine and the flexibility to run small prints or full plate builds.

Increased Productivity and Capacity with Form3L/3BL

The Form 3L is the large format 3D printer that raises the bar for dependable high-production 3D  printing in a dental setting, designed to work day and night with minimal intervention. A massive build platform measuring 23.5cm x 20cm offers a build area that is 320% greater than the Form 3/3B along with dual resin cartridges and dual print units, facilitates large and speedy print runs. The Form 3BL offers the same biocompatible printing capability as the Form3B with the added capacity benefits of the Form3L. 

Perfect finishing with Form Wash and Form Cure

A finished part that meets the defined specifications in terms of accuracy, strength, durability and biocompatibility is achieved through correct post processing. Form Wash and Form Cure are two finishing products that help ensure parts are washed thoroughly and cured correctly every time.

Applications and Materials

Formlabs deliver a range of dental specific materials for use with the Form3B which can be used to print a wide range of dental and orthodontic applications including biocompatible materials enabling direct printing of appliances that can be used in the patient’s mouth.

Applications and Materials

Formlabs deliver a range of dental specific materials for use with the Form3B which can be used to print for a wide range of dental and orthodontic applications including biocompatible materials enabling direct printing of appliances that can be used in the patient’s mouth.

Models for Clear Aligners & Retainers

Formlabs Grey resin is the perfect material for printing models for orthodontic retainers and clear aligners. Quick turnaround can be achieved using 160micron layer thickness and vertical printing increases capacity to upwards of 12 models per print run. New Draft V2 resin prints up to 3 times faster

Ref: RS-F2-GPGR-04

Study Models and Working Models

Traditional orthodontic appliance fabrication such as Hawley retainers can be achieved using full palate models printed with Dental Model resin. Readily available separators are used to release the acrylic from the model on completion.

Ref: RS-F2-DMBE-02

Removable Die and Implant Lab Models

Accuracy of fit is a given with Formlabs Dental Model Resin for Crown and Bridge models with removable dies and implant models utilising ELOS Printed Model Analogs. New Draft V2 resin prints up to 3 times faster.

Ref: RS-F2-DRGR-02

Soft Tissue Material

Leveraging on Formlabs Elastic material and resin pigments, implant models can be completed with realistic soft tissue inserts. For convenience, the Resin and Pigments are provided together in the Soft Tissue Kit.


Indirect Bonding (IBT) Material

IBT Resin is a flexible & biocompatible material that allows orthodontic professionals to create custom-made bonding trays that precisely match each patient’s dentition and bracket prescription.

Ref: RS-F2-IBCL-01

Surgical Guides

Guided surgery has for many years been considered too expensive or too time consuming to be embraced. Formlabs Surgical Guide material enables quick turnaround and very economic printing to help dentists achieve precise planning and a predictable outcome.

Ref: RS-F2-SGAM-01

Occlusal Splints

The application of splint therapy for many patients has been avoided due to the costs associated with the lengthy fabrication process. Formlabs Dental LT material enables clinicians and technicians to rapidly print splints making this therapy a more accessible treatment option for patients.

Ref: RS-F2-DLCL-01

Provisional Crowns

In partnership with BEGO, Formlabs now offers a temporary material available for use in the patient’s mouth for up to 12 months. This material is available in 4 VITA shades and indicated for use for crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays and bridges up to seven units.

Starter Pack: PKG-TCB-BPRS

Shades: A2 / A3 / B1 / C2

Permanent Crowns

Permanent Crown Resin produces high strength, long term restorations with an accurate and precise fit. Low water absorption and a smooth finish ensure restorations made from Permanent Crown Resin have a low tendency to age, discolour, or accumulate plaque.

Starter Pack: PKG-PC-BPRS 

Shades: A2 / A3 / B1 / C2

Castable Parts

Formlabs castable Resin is used by dental laboratories for metal casting and pressing of crowns, bridges and frameworks.

Ref: RS-F2-CWPU-01

Custom Trays

Formlabs Custom Tray resin is a Class I Biocompatible material that enables laboratories to print custom trays for denture and implant applications.

Ref: RS-F2-CTBL-01

Denture Base

Use Denture Base Resin to produce long-lasting, wear-resistant biocompatible denture bases at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. This material is also indicated for try-in dentures.

Shades available: Light Pink (LP), Original Pink (OP), Red Pink (RP), Dark Pink (DP)

Formlabs innovative material cartridge and resin tray system enables fast switch over of materials without having to clean down elements of the printer during changeover. It is recommended each material has it’s own dedicated printer tray and build platform.

Biocompatible materials should be washed after printing using IPA or other recommended solution that has not been used for washing non-biocompatible parts. Full biocompatibility is achieved after correct curing using Formcure. 


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