Introducing Three New Service Agreements for TRIOS users

Delivering market leading support has always been at the centre of everything we do at ESM.

Our customers regularly testify that we deliver on our promise to be there for them whenever they need support, whether it is technical, application or training related. 3Shape’s TRIOS CliniCare Subscription has always allowed us to deliver software upgrades and new features on an ongoing basis to all TRIOS users so they can enjoy the continuous developments and improvements available to them.

We are very excited to announce three new service agreements for TRIOS users, tailored to suit the needs of every customer:

TRIOS Care ensures complete peace-of-mind from the moment you start using your new TRIOS scanner. In addition to ongoing software updates, TRIOS Care offers training and support from the team at ESM and favourable access to 3Shape training courses. An ongoing warranty of up to five years coupled with express replacement ensures maximum uptime for you and your practice. 3Shape has a long standing reputation for innovation and TRIOS Care provides access to all new TRIOS software features, maximising the benefits TRIOS offers your practice. Should the time come when a user wishes to upgrade their hardware, TRIOS Care will grant access to attractive trade-up opportunities.

All new TRIOS users will have complimentary access to TRIOS Care for the first year, after which, for a fee charged annually or monthly, they can continue enjoying the peace of mind TRIOS Care offers. Alternatively, the customer can choose either the TRIOS Only or ESM Care support agreement.

TRIOS Only is a service agreement that has been designed for the clinician who wants to enjoy TRIOS along with updates of current software for no ongoing fee. Support is delivered on a fee per case basis and all TRIOS Only customers will have access to 3Shape’s online training material. New features that 3Shape incorporate into TRIOS will not be included in the TRIOS Only service.

ESM Care is a service agreement that we have developed to allow customers access to technical, training and application related support for a nominal annual or monthly fee. As an adjunct to TRIOS Only, ESM Care also offers preferential terms for loan / diagnostic items. When a user has a question or something does not seem quite right, they will have the peace of mind that the team at ESM will be available to them to help them out quickly and effectively.


The table below summarises the three different service options

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to decide which service agreement I should sign up to? All new TRIOS customers have access to TRIOS Care during their first year and at the end of this, they have the option to stay with TRIOS Care or move to TRIOS Only or ESM Care.

If I sign up to one service agreement, can I change? Absolutely! If you sign up to TRIOS Care, you are signing up to a minimum term of 12 months, after which you can continue for a further 12 months or change to TRIOS Only or ESM Care. Similarly for ESM Care, you are signing up for 12 month term but you can change to TRIOS Care at any point. If you select TRIOS Only, you can change to ESM Care or TRIOS Care at any point.

I am already a TRIOS user and have a Clinicare subscription, can I change to one of the new service agreements? Yes! After January 2022, all customers will have the option to change to TRIOS Care at their next subscription renewal. After a minimum term of 24 months, it will then be possible to change to TRIOS Only or ESM Care.

TRIOS Clinicare works for me – do I have to change my subscription type? No – when you purchased your TRIOS, you purchased your scanner with the Clinicare subscription model. We will continue supporting you under this model if this is what works for you.

Does TRIOS Only apply to Clinic and Studio App? No, the annual subscription for Clinic and Studio Apps will continue to apply irrespective of whether or not the customer has TRIOS Only, TRIOS Care or ESM Care.

From a support point of view, what is the difference between TRIOS Only, ESM Care and TRIOS Care? Both ESM Care and TRIOS Care offer the same comfort and reassurance that you have quick and easy access to our support team via phone or email. If you have opted for TRIOS Only, we can only take support requests by email and once you have accepted the costs associated with the case, we will endeavour to work on your case as quickly as possible.

What should I do if I have any other questions regarding my subscription? Please email with your query and we will answer any questions you may have.