Selecting a TRIOS for your Clinic


3Shape TRIOS® is available in two formats, TRIOS MOVE+ and TRIOS POD. Both are available with TRIOS3 and TRIOS4 and Wired / Wireless options and this paper sets out to help understand which might work better for installation at your clinic.


A TRIOS® installation comprises three main elements:

  • The TRIOS® Scanner
  • A PC to run the software and process data
  • A screen for the operator to engage with a cradle for the TRIOS® Scanner to sit in

  • When scanning, the primary consideration is that the screen is mounted in a position that allows the operator to clearly see the screen whilst scanning and preferably without having to look away from the patient. In simple terms, the screen should be positioned in close proximity to the patient and a direct line of sight so the clinician can focus on the screen and patient at the same time.

    In addition to this, the cradle within which the scanner sits, must be within arms reach of the clinician so that it can be picked up and put back down again without having to reposition themselves.

    In general, patients like to see their scan after being scanned and clinician often use the scan along with various software tools to discuss the need for treatment or treatment progress with the patient so by being able to quickly reposition the screen in order for the patient to see it is very advantageous.

    Portability of a scanner in a multi surgery situation is an important consideration for many clinicians as well as the presence of stairs and the availability of an elevator.


    TRIOS3 MOVE+ comprises a 15.4” medical grade touch screen monitor and inbuilt high spec PC. The scanner (handpiece) sits in a cradle attached to the side of the screen. In the case of the wired version, the scanner is attached to the unit by a cable that is mounted from underneath the monitor. In the case of a wireless version, the charger is typically located on a countertop in the surgery.

    The footprint of the unit is 50cm x 60cm and the height is 120cm. The unit is powered by 220v ac and must be connected to a power supply when in use.

    The screen is mounted on an arm that can be moved up / down and the screen tilted. The unit is very mobile and the screen folded down and parked in a corner of the surgery when not in use. When in use, the screen can be positioned where required to allow for an optimal scanning experience for the clinician and patient. After scanning, the screen can be orientated to such a position as to make it easy for the clinician and patient to discuss the scan and possible treatment requirement. 

    TRIOS® MOVE+ is highly aesthetic and ergonomic and works well in a single surgery clinic or multiple surgeries where there is a free flow from surgery to surgery. It is not recommended that TRIOS® MOVE+ is regularly carried up and down stairs.


    TRIOS® POD is a very portable unit that is connected to a Laptop or PC of suitable specification (details available separately). The scanner sits in a cradle when not in use and this cradle is referred to a the POD.

    As visibility of the screen during scanning is very important, it is usual for the operator to place the laptop on a trolley that can be wheeled up to the chair and placed in a suitable position.

    The wireless scanner is powered by one of three rechargeable batteries and connects to the PC via a dedicated, encrypted wifi connection (independent of the clinic wifi). The laptop needs to be powered while using to maximise performance. In this case, the POD is simply a cradle to hold the scanner.

    The wired option includes a power supply running to the POD, a cable between the POD and the Laptop / PC and a cable connecting the scanner to the POD. In the case of the wired option, the POD serves as a cradle to hold the scanner as well as contain some electronics to manage power to the scanner and the signal between the scanner and Laptop / PC.

    If it is the intention to connect the scanner to a PC, the monitor must be suitably positioned to allow unrestricted and comfortable viewing during scanning.

    A wireless POD offers more freedom of movement as the wired version can offer some restriction of movement.

    TRIOS® POD offers the ultimate in portability and mobility between surgeries and indeed between clinics. The whole scanner along with accessories can be packed into a medium sized travel case for storage as well as transportation.

    It is important to note that for both MOVE+ and POD versions, the scanning handpiece is the same and it is possible to purchase multiple accessories (i.e. a POD or MOVE+ without a scanner) so that for example, MOVE+ can be enjoyed in a primary Clinic and the Scanner can be disconnected and used as a POD in a satellite clinic.

    For further information including pricing, please contact our team at ESM Digital Solutions.