Complete the Digital Picture With MetiSmile by Shining 3D

ESM Digital Solutions is excited to introduce the MetiSmile Facial Scanner from Shining3D Dental.

This incredibly powerful yet affordable facial scanner allows clinicians to quickly and easily capture a number of detailed and accurate 3D facial scans. As we have come to expect from Shining 3D, the software is easy to use and packed full of functionality.

Multiple scans eg resting, smiling and retracted can be captured automatically aligned. Intra-oral scans from any IOS imported can then be embedded to create a comprehensive 3D hybrid image for presentation, diagnosis and case planning.

Delivering everything you would expect from Shining 3D Dental.

• Fast and easy to use
• Powerful software
• Multiple scan alignment
• Integrated orthodontic simulator
• Jaw tracking (coming soon)
• Open file format for CAD integration

Enhance your digital planning with MetiSmile.

Seamless Integration With All Intra Oral Scanners
MetiSmile by Shining 3D is a completely open system and can be used with scans from all Intra Oral Scanners that have the ability to export colour scans in either PLY or OBJ format. Learn more about the Shining 3D AoralScan and 3Shape TRIOS Scanners and let us help you determine a combined solution that works best for you.
Shining 3d Aoralscan

3Shape’s range of desktop laboratory scanners deliver impression and model scanning at a speed and accuracy that works for your productivity and budget needs. The E1 scanner offers a powerful entry level option for Crown and Bridge labs starting off on their digital journey with the E4 being the scanner of choice for labs that demand a powerhouse of productivity.

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3Shape TRIOS®

A truly open system delivered by a truly open partner In a market that is seeing new products being introduced at a regular pace, 3Shape TRIOS continues to be seen as the go-to product by many dental professionals the world over. The gap between systems regarding speed and accuracy is not such a chasm anymore yet TRIOS still stands out.

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