3D Printing with SprintRay – A Certified Workflow

SprintRay claim to be one of the very few 3D printing companies with a 100% focus on printing for Digital Dentistry and the evidence is overwhelming. SprintRay have not just considered the printer and the materials, they have built an end-to-end solution that takes care of everything from the point at which the intra oral scan is completed through to delivery of the appliance. SprintRay Pro95 Ss can produce all for dental indications and the Certified Workflow empowers users to choose to use SprintRay materials or a range of 3rd party materials.

SprintRay Pro95 S Dental 3D Printer

The SprintRay Pro 95S is a printer designed for your Dental Practice, for your Team and for your Patients. Today’s 3D printer market is difficult to navigate however SprintRay have developed a solution that works.

SprintRay RayWare – Start printing quickly.

Preparing your scans or designed indications for printing cannot be easier with RayWare Desktop and RayWare Cloud. Simply upload your files, select the certified material, orientate, apply supports if required and you are ready to print anywhere, anytime. With a focus on digital dental applications, RayWare also offers these additional features:

SprintRay RayWare – Start printing quickly.

Incorporating in house design capacity for a range of dental indications can be costly and involve a very steep learning curve for clinicians and practice owners. Sprintray will soon launch a cloud design servicesthat will allow the clinician to upload an IO scan and define the prescription for the desired appliance. Within a predefined timeframe, the required design will be returned ready for printing.

Optimised Post Processing with Pro Wash-Dry and ProCure 2

All resin based 3D printing requires post processing to firstly wash the parts to remove excess, uncured resin and secondly to fully cure the parts. Correct curing is essential to meet the intended physical and biocompatibility requirements of the material. This stage is widely regarded as a bottleneck in the overall workflow and often considered the ‘dirty’ part of 3D printing. SprintRay has overhauled this stage of the process with their ground-breaking Pro Wash-Dry and ProCure 2 units.

SprintRay Pro Wash-Dry

This programmable two-stage wash and dry unit will quickly provide you with cure-ready parts minutes after printing. An innovative two tank approach provides simple IPA handling delivering clean and dry parts either on the build platform or in a seperate washing basket – you choose

SprintRay ProCure 2

With thanks to x25 times the intensity of its predecessor, the ProCure 2 delivers lightening fast cure times. Curing profiles for certified materials are synchronised with the Rayware cloud enabling one touch curing for fast and reliable curing and bringing you one step closer to real chairside printing in your practice

A Certified Workflow with SprintRay and 3rd Party Materials

SprintRay have developed a range of materials suitable for a range of dental indications from dental models through to biocompatible applications such as nightguard flex and OnX Provisional Hybrid Dentures. The best results will always be achieved using a Sprintray ProS Printer, Pro Wash-Dry and ProCure 2.
*Note: Some SprintRay materials are not currently available in EU

In addition to the comprehensive portfolio of SprintRay materials, users have the freedom to choose from a range of approved 3rd party materials which have been certified for use with SprintRay technology. Materials from marketing leading brands such as Nextdent, Keystone and Dentca are available and a full list of material can be access here.

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