TRIOS-Invisalign Integration

The Trios 3 scanner can be used for Invisalign aligner case submission as stated by Align in this document:

Please note that the Trios 4 is not approved for Invisalign cases.

Obligatory conditions for Invisalign integration

– Must have an approved TRIOS scanner and registration on 3Shape Communicate portal;

– Must be an official Invisalign® Provider and have a registered Invisalign account;

– Sign up for the course on;

– Must have completed mandatory training and passed the certification questionnaire.

Countries where TRIOS scans are not approved for Invisalign:

– Japan

– China


How to integrate accounts

Step 1: Go to 3Shape Communicate portal -> login -> go to “Integrations” tab -> find Invisalign and click “Integrate accounts”:

Step 2: Enter a six-digit confirmation code and confirm you attended training:

Six-digit confirmation code is received after the certification questionnaire is passed. In order to get it you need to score 80% or more.

Step 3: Enter your Invisalign® User Name and Password -> press “Login”:

You will be returned to 3Shape Communicate portal -> Invisalign® integration status automatically will change to “Enabled”:

Step 4: Refresh the list of labs on your TRIOS software:

Step 5: Scan and send as per training videos. The scans should be available on Invisalign Doctor’s Site within 5 minutes.

Step 6:

– Create relevant patient and complete your Invisalign Prescription form:

– Go to Tab “PVS/Scan” -> select “Intraoral scans” and find the relevant scans in the list -> finish filling in patient’s form:

– Prescribing dentist will receive a treatment setup proposal from Align in Clincheck.