Trios Unite version 23.1 – Introducing 3Shape Account

New Trios Unite version

On the 3rd October 2023, a new Trios Unite version will be available for update on your Trios machine which will introduce 3Shape Account. This is a single, safe and easy sign-in solution for all 3Shape platforms.

The main change that will be brought with this version is the way you login to your Trios software. Once the update is completed, each user will need their own 3Shape account. At the moment if you are sending patient cases to labs through 3Shape Communicate, your Communicate account is your 3Shape account.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a 3Shape Communicate account then it will be transformed automatically to 3Shape Account without any further action required.

If team members don’t have Communicate account on their login, please ensure they create one on that link:

3Shape Account

3Shape Account provides single and safe sign-in for all 3Shape platforms:

– 3Shape Communicate Web portal

– 3Shape Communicate App

– 3Shape Community

– 3Shape Unite (From version 23.1)

– 3Shape Dental System 2022/2023

– 3Shape eCom


Follow the instructions in the software on first run after you have updated to Unite 23.1. Please note that the first user signing-in after the update must be an administrator. By signing in with your existing Account you ensure that you keep all your existing lab connections in place.


You can create your 3Shape Account directly from 3Shape Unite when you start up 3Shape Unite 23.1. Simply click  “Get started” on the user login screen to start your onboarding to 3Shape Account.


Once Trios Unite has been updated to 23.1 and you have followed all the instructions to integrate 3Shape Account, you will be asked to set up a PIN. Each user will be required to log in with their PIN when starting the Trios software. See image below:

Why is important to know about a 3Shape Account before
updating to Unite 23.1?
Knowing in advance ensures a smooth transition. You will need to sign in to proceed, so have your email and password ready. If you have been sharing an account, your colleagues should prepare to create their own 3Shape Account as well, each requiring a unique email. Rest assured, no patient data will be sent to these emails.

Key steps for a successful 3Shape Account onboarding in 3Shape Unite:
1. Ensure a stable internet connection for the sign-in.
2. The dental practice owner or the person usually responsible for software updates should sign in first.
3. After the admin user is onboarded, other team members can follow.

For a detailed guide, check:

How many 3Shape Accounts should we have in a clinic?
Each doctor and anyone sending cases should have their own 3Shape Account. To start using 3Shape Unite after the update, only one account with admin rights is necessary.

Admin and User Management

What role does a 3Shape Account admin have?
The admin is the first to sign in after the update and links the device to a company on a 3Shape Account. They manage team invites, approvals and user permission settings, for
example to make others become admins as well. The software auto-invites existing 3Shape Account holders on the device.

Can we still share a single 3Shape Account after updating to 3Shape Unite 23.1?
No, sharing one account among multiple users is not an option. Each user will need their own 3Shape Account for sending cases. Unite will ensure that those who previously shared an account will be part of the same team and still have the same lab connections. However, immediately after updating, you only need one account with admin rights to start using the

What is the relation between company, teams (treatment groups) and accounts (users)?
• Company acts as your dental practice’s main identifier, holding licenses.
• Teams (or treatment groups) hold cases, connections and integrations.
• Accounts represent individual users.

You can belong to multiple companies with one 3Shape Account and be a part of a single team within each company.


What is the difference between company join and transfer scenarios?
You can join a company either by invitation from the administrator or requesting in the Unite software.

At the transfer, the company that is assigned to the device acquires the other company with all its teams, users, cases, connections, integrations, etc. The acquired company is still not deleted in case you would like to undo the transfer and get your old company to be independent again. But, please, note that after the transfer is done, it is not recommended to make any changes (like adding new users) to the acquired (your old) company.

If you would like to keep the companies separate, reject the transfer request. Next time you try to sign-in, Unite will ask you to join the company that is connected to the device.

You will be guided in both scenarios in the software.


What will happen if I reject the company transfer request?
When you choose to reject your company to be transferred, on the next login in Unite you will be prompted with the company join request. No data (case, lab connections etc.) is going to be lost.


I would like to be billed separately from my colleague. Should I join the company or should we do a transfer?
You should go through the company join scenario rather than transfer to avoid your cases, connections etc. to be consolidated with your colleague’s company. Invoices will go to the company’s email.


I work in several practices. Can I use the same 3ShapeAccount  for all or do I need to create a new 3Shape Account for each?
Use one 3Shape Account across different practices. Just make sure you join relevant companies (not transfer).


Will I be able to see only my patients and connections when I sign into 3Shape Unite?
You will see all practice patients in Unite. But lab connections and 3rd party integrations (e.g. Invisalign) are specific to your team, so you will see only your team’s connections, integrations etc.

Scenario Example

If you would like our assistance with this procedure, please schedule a call with our support team to run the upgrade. To do so, please email