Trios Unite version 23.1 – Introducing 3Shape Account

New Trios Unite version

On the 23rd May 2023, a new Trios Unite version will be available for update on your Trios machine which will introduce 3Shape Account. This is a single, safe and easy sign-in solution for all 3Shape platforms.

The main change that will be brought with this version is the way you login to your Trios software. Once the update is completed, each user will need their own 3Shape account. At the moment if you are sending patient cases to labs through 3Shape Communicate, your Communicate account is your 3Shape account.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a 3Shape Communicate account then it will be transformed automatically to 3Shape Account without any further action required.

If team members don’t have Communicate account on their login, please ensure they create one on that link:


Before updating, please make sure that your devices are running Microsoft Windows 10 or higher. All devices running Windows 7/8/8.1 are incompatible with this update and cannot run 3Shape Unite.

For more information onthis topic, please check the following 3Shape documents:

How to upgrade to Unite 23.1

How to Install 3Shape Unite 23.1

Unite User Manual

3Shape Account FAQ

3Shape Account

3Shape Account provides single and safe sign-in for all 3Shape platforms:

– 3Shape Communicate Web portal

– 3Shape Communicate App

– 3Shape Community

– 3Shape Unite (From version 23.1)

– 3Shape Dental System 2022

– 3Shape eCom


Simply follow the instructions in the software on first run after you have updated to Unite 23.1. Please note that the first user signing-in after the update must be an administrator. By signing in with your existing Account you ensure that you keep all your existing lab connections in place.



You can create your 3Shape Account directly from 3Shape Unite when you start up 3Shape Unite 23.1. Simply click  “Get started” on the user login screen to start your onboarding to 3Shape Account.



Once Trios Unite has been updated to 23.1 and you have followed all the instructions to integrate 3Shape Account, you will be asked to set up a PIN. Each user will be required to log in with their PIN when starting the Trios software. See image below:

Why do I need a 3Shape Account?
3Shape Account enables the Administrator to manage users within a dental practice. Thereby, the Administrator can control which individuals have access to 3Shape systems in your practice, and what level of access they should have.

Admin and User Management

Who in my clinic needs a 3Shape Account?
With 3Shape Unite 23.1 it is highly recommended to invite all colleagues who are using 3Shape Unite in their everyday work, to create their own 3Shape Account and join your Company.

The minimum requirement is that at least one 3Shape Account is created per clinic to sign into your TRIOS/Unite systems. In this case, you need to share your log-in information with your colleagues that want to use 3Shape Unite.

You can always add and remove 3Shape Account users to your company. If you are upgrading from older versions of Unite where you used to have several individual operators created on your system, then it is recommended that a 3Shape Account is created for each operator.

What should a user with 3Shape Account Admin rights do?
A user with Admin rights in 3Shape Account can apply any changes related to the Company such as add, remove users, change user rights, edit other Company-related information, and delete the Company.
Admins are required to sign-in first as they need to assign the Company to the system, so the rest of users can be onboarded afterwards. It is not necessary, but this user can also be a local admin who is responsible for installing software updates.

Currently 3Shape Unite settings allow users to share the same Communicate/3Shape Account. Will this change with the 3Shape Account introduction?
Yes, it will no longer be possible to share one Account between multiple users. Now, Unite will allow only one user to use the shared Account. Others will be asked to create their unique 3Shape Account.

If you would like our assistance with this procedure, please schedule a call with our support team to run the upgrade. To do so, please email