Trios Unite Version 24.1 – Cloud Features

Trios Unite update

Trios Unite Version 24.1 will be deployed in July 2024 in UK and Ireland

Recently, 3Shape announced a new Trios Unite version (24.1) that will introduce Cloud features to Trios users, including:

– Cloud Storage (patients, cases, files, and settings) – 1st July

– Cloud Licence (Dongle) – 1st September

This update that will be released in the coming weeks in a phased approach could have a MAJOR IMPACT on the functionality of your Trios software. It is crucial to prepare by reading all the information provided by 3Shape on their help centre.

Key Points about Cloud Storage:

1) Cloud Storage Capacity: Allocated based on your licence:

– TRIOS Care customers: 10TB

– TRIOS Only customers: 10GB

2) Unite Cloud: Cases will be accessible from any device using the Unite Cloud web portal or mobile app. Any changes made on any device will be synchronized across all devices.

3) New Icons: Used to indicate the status of cases. Detailed can be found here.

4) Network Requirement: Unite 24.1 requires a stable internet connection to fully utilize cloud storage benefits and maintain uninterrupted access to cloud licences.

Important Considerations Before Updating:

– Only the practice owner/administrator can perform the update.

– See the 3Shape article about how to update on this link.

– Please advise all team members not to update the software.

– During the update, you will be asked if you want to use the cloud storage. You can opt out and keep your data saved locally on your device. This option can be changed later in the settings.

– If you have previously opted for Trios Only, the Cloud Storage is limited to 10GB and your data might already exceed this amount. Once you reach 10GB, the oldest data will be offloaded to your local storage to make space for new data in the cloud.

– If you chose to use cloud Storage, the update may take a few hours and your system will be unavailable to use depending on your data volume and your network speed.

– Ensure Windows is updated before starting the upgrade.


To ensure a smooth upgrade, please contact our Support team to schedule a time when we can assist with the upgrade.